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FG Fitness & Media, Inc


Our mission is to build a well respected Fitness and Media Company for a world-wide audience, with multiple brands, multiple personalities, multiple services and multiple revenue sources that will evolve into a tness and media empire that has sustained revenues to come.

Stock Symbol: FGFT: OTC Markets

Executive Summary

FG Fitness & Media Group, Inc is a Multi-Faceted company that has Fitness and Media at its core. Management believes that it business multiple revenue sources that will prove beneficial to sustaning the firm's growth strategies. The Company was formed for the express purpose of bringing forth its business segments to the marketplace, capitalizing on the skills, talents and connections of management. The Company's business model will be excuted, as a publicity traded company, to take advantage of the current exemptions that allow private companies to become public and raise capital to excute their business plans.

Management believes that as a public company, it will provide liquidity to investors, as well as, a methodology to procure sufficient capital. The Company further belies, that this business model will provide significant expansion opportunities in emerging markets, and it will be able to capitalize on business opportunities that will prove beneficial to prolong financial growth.

The Fitness side of this business is comprised of the Company's magazine and a host of other proposed business segments including the marketing of all natural supplements, online training, and other magazines within the fines genre, promotional products, app are and a fitness directory that will be a source for anything in the fitness industry.

The Media side of business will include a full scale media company that will produce client produced promotional videos, as well as, in-house videos and a first class photography studio that we will use internally and make available to the public for a fee.

It is Managements belief that, there is significant receptiveness to new entrants into the fitness industry. Entrepreneurs' who have been able to brand themselves and produce innovative products have done well, and have acquired their market share of the industry. The growing demand for effective ways to lose weight, sustain nutrition, fitness, longevity, vitality, reduced aging, improved fitness, and a leaner, more healthy physique and maintaining health lifestyles is compelling entrepreneurs to, like us, dive into this industry, especially since there has been a renewed importance on beauty and looks. The health and fitness industry are definitely a prime segment for entrepreneurial opportunities. As long as there is an abundance of unhealthy food in the marketplace, obesity and an emphasis on being healthy, there is a niche in our industry.

Management further believes that it will develop into a Fitness and Media firm that will have domestic and world-wide brand appeal. The advent of social media and demands in our industry will fuel our rapid expansion in our industry.

The Team

Anthony Miller


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